PSA – Holidays, 22 a day, and you

Not eloquent but heartfelt and important:

It appears to be that time again. Close to completeing another orbit around the sun on this blue rock called Earth.

This time of year is called the holidays. For some, a time to spend with family and friends. To enjoy fine food and drink. Ah, the merriment and celebration.

For some it is a time of deep saddness. Whether that comes from the hardships of daily life, family or friends gone or dead, or because of the angst of being looked down upon because they don’t have financial surplus to buy that new toy for their kids all the other children are so excited about. Really, it doesn’t matter. The saddness, the depression lurks beneath the surface.

Somewhere along the course of life image and status and possesions became more important than a memory of sitting around the dinner table with our family and listening to stories from our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts. It became more important than making memories of what is most fleeting in our lives – each other.

If you are in the former category good for you. Share the joy if you can.
If you are in the later category remember a simple fact: you are not the only one; you’re not alone.

For either: try to build memories that will outlast some piece of plastic, some fad of the hour. This is especially true if you have children.

Reach out fellow Browncoats, there are many that this applies to and they need to know that we care.