Browncoat 101 – Independant and Self-Reliant

Independent, Self-Reliant, and more. You have what it takes to be a Browncoat.

Will you apply yourself and hold yourself to account to be one of us?

We are not unique, but we are very rare. Browncoats are all around you. They may not call themselves Browncoats or even know they are Browncoats.

Browncoats are Responsible and Independent people who want to succeed and want those around them to succeed. We know that not every person has the same talents or abilities. But we believe that everyone, no matter their race, sex, religion, or creed, can succeed through hard work and self-discipline.

Equality of Opportunity is far better than Equality of Condition. Do you remember hearing, “If you pay for something, you will take better care of it.” from the adults in your life? What those adults were teaching you is a simple concept – we value what we work for. This is true for adults as well as children. When you work 2000 hours of overtime to buy that classic car, you will care for it far better than if some one handed you the keys and said, “It is yours now.” Whether you want a house, a new car, a new vacation, or a worry free retirement, the Opportunity is there. Achieving your goal may require a lifestyle change or a change in employment, but the Opportunity is there.

Browncoats are not finger-pointers or blame-game players. Browncoats know, deep down, that the only one accountable (ie, to blame) for their current life status is themselves. Browncoats are going to look in the mirror and tell themselves, “Get up, Dust off, and get back to work!” A Browncoat’s current condition does not dictate a Browncoat’s future. Perseverance pays off. Browncoats believe and teach their children as well as those around them that Life is good, even while we work to make it better.

Browncoats know Freedom is more than a slogan or some esoterric concept – it is a way of life. Freedom includes not just the absence of external control (eg, lack of debt, lack of coercion, lack of tyranny, etc), it also requires internal control (eg, Personal Responsibility, Self-discipline, Personal Preparedness, etc). If you are spending more than you make, and you aren’t saving and investing, you are not Free. Excesses and indebtedness are all around – entire countries around the world are succumbing and have succumbed to their debts. They spent more than they made to live ‘larger’ than they could afford. Personally and publically, Debt is a symptom of a lack of internal controls.

Your fellow Browncoats are waiting. We want to see you succeed. We want to see you truly Free.

So the question remains: Will you become a Browncoat and hold yourself accountable, work to be truly Free, and help others be truly Free?

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