Religious Exemption Letter

Downloadable Letter requesting Religious Exemption from (proposed) mandated covid-19 shots.


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The sanitized letter is attached. When this was first done only the German grocery stores were in the news; it has been updated with the news out of Austria.

Here are a few of the points of guidance:

  1. This is a RELIGIOUS exemption letter, it is based in faith in God and the blessing of free will.
  2. Do not fight “The Science”, that makes your argument a science argument and not Faith based.
  3. Do not add any arguments about fetal cell testing, because while that is a false argument (just because you didn’t know you were sinning doesn’t mean you should continue…) it will only open that argument to attack and will fail.
  4. Do not make anti-government statements, threats, or attacks. This is an exemption from the mandate, not an appeal for revolution or anarchy. Don’t go down that road, you will end up on a watch list.
  5. Most companies will ask a question like “Do your beliefs prevent you from taking a covid vaccine OR a flu shot?” This is a logical trap. the answer is yes. the operative word in this question is “or”, meaning the answer is yes if EITHER question is true:
      • a) do your beliefs prevent you from taking a flu shot? -no.
      b) do your beliefs prevent you from taking a covid vaccine? -yes
  6. Define how this accommodation is not a burden to the company. If they let you work remotely, there is no reason to not continue. If they went to split or night shift work, they can continue this as well.
  7. Clearly define that you are a valuable employee. Highlight any performance reviews or accolades you received while working from home or on a socially distanced shift.
  8. Clearly express that you wish to continue working for your company.

Download Religious Exemption Request Letter Here

credit goes to: “Fear Down Harsh” for the framework and initial drafts of the letter


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