Review of the Franklin Arsenal©️ Hand DePrimer

Do you reload? Are you using a deprimer? Methodology for reloading is varied person to person; the steps are much the same across the board. Some clean all the brass then deprime and resize. Some deprime and then clean the brass so the primer pocket is clean as well. I’m not exactly sure where or when I went astray, but I can say that this tool is a nice addition and that I’ve seen the error of my ways.

When helping out an accquiantence we found out they had several thousand pieces of brass to process and we both prefer to deprime, then clean, and then resize the brass.

This is when I was introduced to the tool this review focuses on, the hand operated deprimer by Franklin Arsenal(F.A.)

F.A. states that this deprimer is good for all centerfire cases whether boxer primed or crimped (military style primers), and that statement is accurate. We sat down and tested this unit with two bins full of rifle and pistol brass.

Setting up the dePrimer

Pulling the unit from the package and read the instructions. The most important of which is that when adjusting the brass collet there should be no side to side play. Pay attention to this step. This tool is robust enough to punch a new flash hole in the primer pocket as we found out. *sigh*

There are 3 collets for the unit. Small. Medium, and Large. Changing out collets is a matter of unscrewing the retainer, removing the existing installed collet, inserting the new collet, and screwing on the retainer. Adjust the collet tension by lossening or tightening the retainer with a case installed.

Once the collect is adjusted to the point the case will slide into, out of the unit easily and doesn’t have side play simplely squeeze the accuator handle and it should punch out the expended primer. As our fren says: “Sinple as”.

Our one (1) gripe: The expended primer catch is small. It might actually hold 1000 primers, but we want to run this until our hands/arms give out. Seriously. And because that’s how we do things we 3D printed a primer catch that is about 10x the size. That file will be located on the 3D Printing section of this site.

Simply because you can deprime cases while you’re watching TV or youtube or listening to your audiobooks or @IamR0galD0rn’s favorite- podcasts. Overall if you are a reloader this is a “we recommend you get one” item.

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