Too whom it may concern-

Ladies and Gentlemen,
First let us begin by expressing our apologies for any difficulties you may have experienced in accessing the Cortex in the last 3-4 months.
The website has been under attack for that time from individuals that think, erroneously, we store user data and/or credit card information. We do not. The decision to not store that information goes all the way back to the conception of this project in 1998. The Admins of the Cortex chose, wisely it seems, that storing user data, even opening up the ability to create user accounts, would expose you, our readers and customers, to more fraud and risk than we thought neccessary. It also would protentially open up the Cortex to liability we did not need.
And here we are getting 100s, and sometimes 1000s, of login attempts a day. We have also had multiple DDoS attacks on the website by the same group or groups attempting to get data we do not store. Sadly, these attempts block you, our readers, from accessing the data we like to share and feel you could use.

To those attempting the brute force and DDoS attacks- we don’t store user data. We don’t store credit card data. It just isn’t worth it to us. Perhaps you could apply yourselves to a higher purpose and help make the world a better place.
With your intellect and skills we believe you could be very successful in that endeavor.

In Service,
Rev. Browncoat Six and the Cortex Admin Team

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